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3D Character Animator

Hi guys!  My name is David not Animation Methods guy…LOL.  Check out my blogs about what it’s like being in the industry and how you can get into animating for film or games studios.  Shoot me a comment or ask a questions that you’ve always had on your mind about 3D Animation.

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3 thoughts on “About Animation Methods – David Rodriguez

  1. I just wanted to leave a comment about how appreciative I am about you publishing your book “Animation Method.” I have read books upon books about how to animate in Maya or animate at all but all of them are filled with technical jargon and impractical exercises on how to animate. I learned so much more in your book than I did in any of my animation classes at Full Sail University. Don’t get me wrong, Full Sail is a good school but their animation department was very lacking at the time. They had 2D animators trying to critique our work while not understanding the medium in which we worked. I agree while the principles translate over you could not bend and break the rigs or animated the way you could in 2D in 3D because of the rig limitations. It was a very frustrating experience. It also did not help that they were very unorganized and lacked any enthusiasm to help us get better. I apologize for ranting to you about that matter. I came here to praise you and your book. Again, thank you for writing up this magnificent book and explaining things that my school did not. I am only halfway through but I’ve learned a lot. I wish you were my instructor in school!

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  3. Hi David
    I’d like to use some simple methods for animation. Sparkol looks nice but also quite expensive. Maya I tried many years ago. Too much for me then gave up. Flash also takes a long time to do just a little bit of work What’d you suggest? Thanks

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